Tracking Asteroids With NASA
Join us for the next Teaching Space Live Stream on June 9 
Events from NASA/JPL Edu - June 2021

Did you know that NASA tracks and studies asteroids and comets? Join us online in June to hear how and why we keep a close watch on these near-Earth objects and what they can teach us about the evolution of our solar system. Plus, we'll answer your questions and share educational resources you can use to bring this exciting NASA science to students.

June Events for Educators

Teaching Space With NASA Live Stream – Tracking Asteroids

Live Stream


In this educational live stream, NASA experts will discuss how we track and study comets and asteroids. Plus, we'll answer your questions. All audiences are welcome.

Related Education Resources

Educator Guides & Resources

Teachable Moments: How NASA Studies and Tracks Asteroids Near and Far

Teachable Moments

Here's how NASA uses math and science to track the movements of asteroids and find out what they're made of – and students can, too.

Educator Guides: Modeling an Asteroid

Lead a discussion about asteroids and their physical properties, then have students mold their own asteroids out of clay.

Science | Grades 3-5 | 30-60 mins

Educator Guides: Math Rocks: A Lesson in Asteroid Dynamics

Students use math to investigate a real-life asteroid impact.

Math | Grades 8-12 | 30-60 mins

Educator Guides: Create a Comet With Dry Ice

Build an icy model of a comet out of dry ice -- complete with shooting jets! -- as a demonstration for students.

Science | Grades 2-5 | Less than 30 mins

Educator Guides: Comet on a Stick

Students build their own comet models using craft materials.

Math | Grades 2-8 | 30-60 mins

Student Activities

Student Slideshow: What's That Space Rock?

Find out how to tell the difference between asteroids, comets, meteors, meteorites and other bodies in our solar system.

Science | Grades 5-12

Student Video: How Does NASA Spot a Near-Earth Asteroid?

Watch this one-minute video to find out how NASA spots and tracks asteroids that fly close to Earth.

Science | Grades K-12

Student Slideshow: Make a Moon Crater

Make craters like the ones you can see on the Moon using simple baking ingredients!

Science | Grades 2-8

Student Video: The Solar System's Formation

Find out how our solar system formed and how it came to be the busy place it is today.

Science | Grades 3-8


More Upcoming Events

Webinar Series: Mission to Mars Student Challenge for Summer Camps

Webinar Series

Multiple sessions (through July)

Are you a camp or afterschool-group leader? Learn about an exciting opportunity to immerse your youth in the latest exploration of Mars with NASA. Our popular Mission to Mars Student Challenge is back with a summertime edition!


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Educator Resources: NASA's Mission to Mars Student Challenge

Educator Resources

Student Activities: Learning Space With NASA at Home

Student Activities

Live Streams

Live Streams: Teaching Space With NASA

Educator Resources

Teachable Moments

Educator Resources

STEM Lessons for Educators

Student Activities

STEM Activities for Students
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