Take Part in Asteroid Day
Learn about asteroids and explore more with NASA educational resources 
Public Event: Asteroid Day

Illustration of the asteroid Vesta. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA

A global day of awareness sanctioned by the United Nations, Asteroid Day is observed each year on June 30 and is designed to educate the public about asteroids and the importance of defending our planet against a potential impact.

Take part by learning how NASA studies and tracks these relics of the solar system and get students engaged in STEM learning with lessons and activities all about asteroids and comets. Explore the links below to learn more and get started.

Public Event

Public Event: Asteroid Day


Asteroid Day

Observe this global day of awareness with educational activities and resources from NASA.

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For All Audiences

Teachable Moments: How NASA Studies and Tracks Asteroids Near and Far

Teachable Moments

Teaching Space With NASA Talk: Tracking Asteroids

Teaching Space With NASA Talk


For Students

Asteroids Activity Collection

Asteroids Activity Collection

Explore projects, videos, slideshows, and games for students all about asteroids.


Various Subjects | Grades K-12

Student Video: How Does NASA Spot a Near-Earth Asteroid?
Student Project: Make a Moon Crater

Make a Moon Crater

Science |

Grades 2-8

Student Project: Describe Rocks Like a NASA Scientist

Describe Rocks Like a NASA Scientist

Science |

Grades 4-8

Student Slideshow: What's That Space Rock?

What's That Space Rock?

Science |

Grades 5-12


For Educators

Asteroids Lesson Collection

Asteroids Lesson Collection

Explore a collection of standards-aligned lessons all about asteroids and craters.


Various Subjects | Grades 1-12

Educator Guide: Whip Up a Moon-Like Crater

Whip Up a Moon-Like Crater

Science |

Grades 1-6

Educator Guide: Create a Comet with Dry Ice

Create a Comet with Dry Ice

Science |

Grades 2-5

Educator Guide: Comet on a Stick

Comet on a Stick

Science |

Grades 2-8

Educator Guide: Modeling an Asteroid

Modeling an Asteroid

Science |

Grades 3-5

Educator Guide: Sample Science: A 'Pi in the Sky' Math Challenge
Educator Guide: Math Rocks: A Lesson in Asteroid Dynamics

Explore More NASA Asteroid Resources

NASA Space Place: What Is an Asteroid?

Article for Kids

NASA Space Place: What Is an Impact Crater?

Article for Kids

Website: NASA Artemis Mission

Facts & Figures

NASA Solar System Exploration - Asteroids, Comets & Meteors

Facts & Figures


More from NASA/JPL Edu

Standards-aligned STEM lessons from NASA/JPL Education

Educator Resources

Student Activities: Learning Space With NASA at Home

Student Activities

Edu News: Meet JPL Interns

News & Features

Educational Events from NASA-JPL Edu


Teachable Moments

News & Features

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