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NASA Selects New Science Investigations for Future Moon Deliveries
The payloads, including one from JPL, mark the agency’s first selections from its Payloads and Research Investigations on the Surface of the Moon (PRISM) call for proposals.
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Mars Report: Update on NASA’s Perseverance Rover SuperCam Instrument
This video provides an instrument update by Hemani Kalucha, one of the SuperCam operations team members from Caltech.
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Machine Learning Model Doubles Accuracy of Global Landslide ‘Nowcasts’
The upgraded interactive mapping tool can show you potential landslide activity anywhere between the poles in near-real-time.
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Then There Were 3: NASA to Collaborate on ESA’s New Venus Mission
As a key partner in the mission, NASA provides the synthetic aperture radar, called VenSAR, to make high-resolution measurements of the planet’s surface features.
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