How to Enhance Vipinpawar.in Sales on Digital World

Hi Vipinpawar ,

Hope, it may not be the right time of this email due to fatal Corona virus (COVID 19 Pandemic) outbreak. But you also can't dilute your business growth perspective during this pathetic situation. Be optimistic for the future as situation will be normal after some days. Market will again shore up – same for your online business.

I have visited your website and discovered that it has been diagnosed with many coding issues, which affects your ranking. So, promote your website online and increase sales by keeping it at the top of search engine result page. . Thus, following points are worth enough to mitigate your sufferings.

 As per the trends in your industry – over eighty percent of people search for your products or services online and buy the same. So, it's an important ingredient for your business.

Poor page responsive designs

Copyright and branding issues

Excessive pop ups

Multimedia contents that auto plays

Less credible images which missing alternative texts

Contact form but no additional contact information

Call to action not align to your deemed product or services

Internal linking is not user friendly

No blog category

We will help you to fix SEO errors and drive more quality traffic to your website. As a consequence, it will help you to get more visitors and business. We will provide you better searched keywords, On Page, fresh targeted content sharing with high quality back link (in terms of high domain authority & page rank) in each and every month and also will do required business listings for your website to improve your business.

We, as professionals, don't advice with broad statements that give no guidance on where to start or what to think about. We are a team with skills into various tools and technologies for website designing and application development.

For better assessment and more information on pricing. Please reply us back.


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Melaine Hopson 


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