Moehle Delivers 2021 Fazler R. Khan Distinguished Lecture, 🌏 Kazakhstan-Xinjiang Border Reg.: 地震 -..
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Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center | N...
8 hours ago
Reddit - Earthquakes
🌏 地震! Earthquake! 4.8 Mb, registered by NNC, 2021-03-17 06:27:16 UTC (daytime) Huocheng, China (44.53, 80.71) likely felt 120 km away (in 伊犁州…) by 4.6 million people (www.seismicportal.eu) 2021-03-17T07:23:09Z submitted by /u/Brainst...
− /u/BrainstormBot • 21 mins ago
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🌎 Southeast Central Pacific Ocean: Sismo - Earthquake (6.0 Mw, at 00:12 UTC, from ... • 4 hours ago
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Quake Watch
Last Updated on March 16, 2021 by PuterMan An earthquake Magnitude 6.7 has occurred in Off East Coast Of Kamchatka [Japan, Kuril Isls, Kamchatka Pen.]. QVSData ref EMSC960222 All links in this post are direct to the destination unless otherwise state...
− PuterMan • 13 hours ago
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