Modeling and Simulation of 5G Antenna System Innovations


IEEE Spectrum Tech Insiders Webinar Series

Modeling and Simulation of 5G Antenna System Innovations

Monday, December 7th

09:00 CET Stockholm time

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Ansys has developed a breakthrough technology, known as 3D Component Domain Decomposition Method (3D Comp DDM), that enables the accurate and efficient simulation of antenna arrays. Whether solving complex, electrically large antenna arrays, or relatively simple antenna arrays, this technology enables fast simulation without compromising on accuracy. 3D Comp DDM enhances the simulation process offering a robust and scalable solution for modeling realistic arrays while capturing finite array truncation effects.

In this presentation, a workflow for the analysis of 5G phased array antennas and hand-held antennas will be demonstrated.

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Hawal Rashid

Lead Application Engineer

Hawal Rashid received an M.Sc. in Engineering Physics, an M.Sc. in Radio and Space Science, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2009,2010, and 2016. Hawal Rashid is a Lead Application Engineer for High Frequency at ANSYS Where he mainly works with customer solutions involving 5G phased array antenna and RF design, modeling of antennas in electrically large environments, and multi-physics simulations. His research interests are in the phased array antenna for 5G applications. Further research interests are low-noise cryogenic and room temperature THz systems, THz receiver component design, characterization and calibration.

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