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Our mission at Mendeley has always been to support you with time-saving tools that help you focus on what matters most, your research. To do so, we’re constantly listening to your valuable feedback.

Increasingly we’re hearing our best support of your day to day work is through our reference management, research data management and citation tools like Mendeley Reference Manager, Mendeley Web Importer and Mendeley Data. However, some of the other solutions that we have been piloting over the past few years have not supported you in the way that we had hoped.

We’re making a few simple changes to Mendeley so that we can focus even more on what you value most. Beginning in December 2020 we will be retiring:

  • Mendeley Feed and Public Groups
  • Mendeley Profiles
  • Mendeley Funding

To find out more about what these changes mean for you, visit this page on the Support Center which we’ll be regularly updating.

We’re excited about the future of Mendeley, and to focus on bringing you the best time-saving tools so that you can focus on making discoveries. One user recently told us, “Mendeley has changed my life for the better”, and we’re looking forward to continuing to do our best to improving the research experiences of our valued researcher community.  

Rose L’Huillier
EVP Researcher Products

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