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I wanted to share an exclusive VIP entry pass for our webinar on "Business Valuation: Myths and Facts."


When: 17th October 2020, 03:00 PM IST


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Getting your arms around business valuation can be complicated. Misinformation, partially informed opinions, and internet calculators can easily lead one down an incorrect and costly path.

Entrepreneurs, business owners and investors often misunderstand the business valuation process and its final results. It's important to understand what "Value" means, including the uses and limitations of valuation reports.

Join us as we debunk common misconceptions about the art and science of valuing a business that could undermine your ability to achieve your goals.


Want to know if these are Myths or Facts?


·         'Rules of Thumb' are a quick and accurate way to value my business.


·         All business valuations are equal.


·         My CPA can value my business.


·         The value of my business is equal to its assets minus liabilities (net worth) of the business.


·         I don't need a valuation to sell or buy my business.


·         If a business is worth $1 million , my 10% interest should be worth $100,000.


·         Value is value, so I can use a valuation report for multiple purposes.

·         There is no difference between "price" and "value."

·         A company's value does not change over time.

·         A valuator should arrive at the same value of a company no matter of a valuation approach.


·         Valuing a private business should only be done when the business is ready to be sold or a lender requires a valuation as part of its due diligence process.


·         Businesses in my industry always sell for two times annual revenue (the revenue multiple). So why should I pay someone to value my business?


·         A local competitor sold his business for three times revenue six months ago. My business is worth at least this much!



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