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Upcoming Virtual Events from NASA-JPL Edu
Join us online in May to learn about NASA's search for habitable worlds beyond Earth 
NASA-JPL Edu Virtual Events - May 2021

Did you know that scientists have discovered thousands of planets outside of our solar system known as exoplanets? Some of these worlds might even have the right conditions to sustain life. Join us online in May to hear from NASA experts leading research into these distant planets and the search for habitable worlds beyond Earth. Plus, we'll answer your questions and share educational resources you can use to bring this exciting NASA science to students. Participation for some events is limited – register today!

May Events for Educators

Teaching Space With NASA Live Stream – The Search for Exoplanets

Live Stream


In this educational live stream, NASA experts will discuss how we look for planets outside of our solar system. Plus, we'll answer your questions. All audiences are welcome.

Virtual Educator Workshop: Exploring Exoplanets With NASA

Virtual Educator Workshop


In this educator workshop, we will dive into how NASA searches for habitable worlds outside our solar system and how to bring this fascinating research into your math and science lessons. Participation is limited. Register to attend.

Related Education Resources

Educator Guides

Educator Guides: Exploring Exoplanets With Kepler

Students use math concepts related to transits to discover real-world data about Mercury, Venus and planets outside our solar system.

Science | Grades 6-12 | 30-60 mins

Educator Guides: Habitable Hunt: A 'Pi in the Sky' Math Problem

In this illustrated math problem, students use the mathematical constant pi to find the "habitable zone" around a distant star and determine which of its planets are in that zone.

Math | Grades 11-12 | Less than 30 mins

Student Activities

Student Project: Space Origami – Make Your Own Starshade

Make your own model of this folding NASA space technology designed to help capture the first images of planets outside our solar system!

Engineering | Grades 4-12 | Less than 30 mins

Slideshow: Ocean Worlds

Where might oceans – and living things – exist beyond Earth? Scientists have their eyes on these places in our own solar system.

Science | Grades 3-12 | Less than 30 mins


More Upcoming Events

Webinar: Taking Flight: How Girls Can Grow up to Be Engineers – Internships and Other Opportunities

Public Event

April 29 at 1 p.m. PDT

Meet female engineers working on the Mars helicopter at NASA-JPL, who will explain how they got their start – and how you can, too.

Webinar: Teaching Space With NASA Live Stream – Tracking Asteroids

Public Event

June 9 at 3 p.m. PDT

In this educational live stream, NASA experts will discuss how we track and study comets and asteroids. Plus, we'll answer your questions!


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Educator Resources: NASA's Mission to Mars Student Challenge

Educator Resources

Student Activities: Learning Space With NASA at Home

Student Activities

Live Streams

Live Streams: Teaching Space With NASA

Educator Resources

Teachable Moments

Educator Resources

STEM Lessons for Educators

Student Activities

STEM Activities for Students
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