Tuesday, March 9, 2021

PEER Research Project Highlight: "Seismic Performance of Isolated Bridges under Extreme Shaking", 🌐..
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Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center | N...
7 hours ago
Reddit - Earthquakes
📉 5.0 M, registered by 6 agencies, 2021-03-09 00:26:59 UTC (daytime) Eastern Sea Of Japan (40.18, 137.73) ± 4 km likely felt 130 km away (www.seismicportal.eu) 2021-03-09T00:38:27Z 🌐 地震! Earthquake! 5.6 M, registered by Matumo_yure,eq_ma...
− /u/BrainstormBot • 3 hours ago
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🗾 Near East Coast Of Honshu, Japan: 地震 - Earthquake (4.6 Mb, at 14:36 UTC, fro... • 12 hours ago
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Natural Resources Canada - Earthquakes Canada
2021-03-08T13:35:01Z: M2.2 127 km NE of Keno, YT
− Earthquakes Canada • 7 hours ago
2021-03-06T20:28:58Z: M2.8 175 km NW of Baillie, NT • 7 hours ago
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Earthquakes Today
A light earthquake with magnitude 4.5 (ml/mb) was detected on Tuesday, 51 kilometers (32 miles) from Culebra in Puerto Rico. Date and time of earthquake in UTC/GMT: 09/03/21 / 2021-03-09 04:44:02 / March 9, 2021 @ 4:44 am. The epicenter was at a dept...
− admin • 3 hours ago
Light earthquake: M4.8 quake has struck near Ierápetra in Greece • 3 hours ago
Light earthquake, 4.8 mag has occurred near Culebra in Puerto Rico • 3 hours ago
Light earthquake, 4.6 mag has occurred near Sola in Vanuatu • 3 hours ago
Moderate earthquake: M5.3 quake has struck near Kermadec Islands region • 5 hours ago
Light earthquake, 4.5 mag has occurred near Port-Vila in Vanuatu • 5 hours ago
Light earthquake, 4.2 mag strikes near Afghanistan-Tajikistan-Pakistan region • 6 hours ago
Light earthquake, 4.7 mag was detected near Port-Vila in Vanuatu • 6 hours ago
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