Saturday, February 6, 2021

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Earthquakes Today
A moderate earthquake magnitude 5 (ml/mb) strikes 93 kilometers (58 miles) from Charlotte Amalie in U.S. Virgin Islands on Saturday. Event id: pt21037001. Ids that are associated to the earthquake: pt21037001. Global time and date of event 06/02/21 /...
− admin • 1 hour ago
Light earthquake 4.2 mag, 39 km SSW of Pýrgos, Greece • 1 hour ago
Light earthquake, 4.3 mag was detected near Ambon in Indonesia • 1 hour ago
Light earthquake, 4.3 mag strikes near Shiroi in Japan • 1 hour ago
Light earthquake 4.9 mag, South Shetland Islands • 3 hours ago
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Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center | N...
1 day ago
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New PEER Report 2020/20: Large-Component Seismic Testing for Existing and Retrofitted... • 1 day ago
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Reddit - Earthquakes
📉 3.4 Ml, registered by 4 agencies, 2021-02-05 17:48:45 UTC (daytime) Perry, United States (36.29, -97.52), ↓3 km likely felt 120 km away (in Oklahoma City…) by 1.7 million people ( 2021-02-05T18:34:45Z 📈 4.1 Ml, regi...
− /u/BrainstormBot • 13 hours ago
🌍 Eastern Caucasus: Երկրաշարժ - Earthquake (4.7 M, at 15:36 UTC, from www... • 13 hours ago
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Natural Resources Canada - Earthquakes Canada
2021-02-04T17:33:51Z: M1.8 190 km N from Clyde River, NU
− Earthquakes Canada • 13 hours ago
2021-02-05T01:30:44Z: M2.0 49 km N of Yakutat, AK • 13 hours ago
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The EQ Alert Guy
 WATCH Big California at YouTube@  READ The Script/Transcript@ BIG Earthquake all over the news, although size is ...
23 hours ago
Christchurch Earthquake
The city of Christchurch has changed dramatically over the last seven years as a result of the repeated earthquakes in the area. My latest book is a collection of photos starting from the morning of the 4th September 2010 earthquake through to June 2...
17 hours ago
Christchurch Cathedral Ruins • 17 hours ago
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