Minor earthquake, 2.9 mag was detected near Mina in Nevada, Minor earthquake 3.2 mag, 105 km SSE of Sand..
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Earthquakes Today
A minor earthquake magnitude 2.9 (ml/mb) strikes 29 km SSE of Mina, Nevada (18 miles) on Thursday. Exact location of earthquake, -117.928° West, 38.161° North, depth 14.5 km. The 2.9-magnitude earthquake was detected at 07:17:56 / 7:17 am (local ti...
− admin • 48 mins ago
Minor earthquake 3.2 mag, 105 km SSE of Sand Point, Alaska • 48 mins ago
Light earthquake, 4.5 mag strikes near Punta de Burica in Panama • 48 mins ago
Minor earthquake, 3.9 mag has occurred near San Antonio de los Cobres in Argentina • 48 mins ago
Minor earthquake, 3.19 mag strikes near San Antonio in Puerto Rico • 48 mins ago
Minor earthquake: M3.3 quake has struck near Fort McPherson in Canada • 48 mins ago
Light earthquake, 4.2 mag has occurred near Ascension Island • 2 hours ago
Light earthquake, 4.3 mag was detected near Turt in Mongolia • 2 hours ago
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Reddit - Earthquakes
📈 4.6 Mb, registered by 4 agencies, 2021-01-20 23:37:57 UTC (gibbous moon), Néon Karlovásion, Greece (37.87, 26.73) ± 2 km, ↓5 km likely felt 110 km away (in İzmir…) by 8.1 million people (earthquake.usgs.gov) 2021-01-20T23:53:09Z 📈 4...
− /u/BrainstormBot • 5 hours ago
🌎 Near Coast Of Peru: Sismo - Earthquake (5.2 Mb, at 22:27 UTC, from alomax.free.f... • 5 hours ago
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Natural Resources Canada - Earthquakes Canada
2021-01-20T18:20:48Z: M1.6 58 km SE of Victoria, Canada
− Earthquakes Canada • 7 hours ago
2021-01-20T13:54:51Z: M3.2 117 km S of Wrigley, NT • 7 hours ago
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The EQ Alert Guy
3.5 Just struck South of Downtown Los Angeles right there in the middle of heavilly populated neighborhood where I once worked at the "Glass Plant" there where they make bottles and put labels on them for various companies.  Just to the west of ...
5 hours ago
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