Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Observer's Handbook 2021: Savings Inside
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Your Essential Guide to the Night Sky!

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Published annually for over 100 years by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Observer's Handbook 2021 is the essential reference for professional astronomers, amateur skywatchers, teachers, and everyone who enjoys the night sky.


The editors of Astronomy magazine use and recommend this 350-page comprehensive guide, which includes:

  • Times of sunrise and sunset
  • Moon phases and other lunar phenomena
  • Conjunctions, elongations, etc. of the planets
  • Eclipses and transits
  • Location of the planets and dwarf and minor planets
  • Returns of periodic comets
  • Times of meteor showers
  • Orbital positions of the brighter satellites of both Jupiter and Saturn
  • Predictions of the cycles of many variable stars
  • Sky events for each month of the year
  • Much more!

This U.S. edition features American usage and references to U.S. cities.



Venus ranks as the third-brightest object in the night sky, outshone only by the Sun and the Moon. At times, the planet's light can cast shadows.

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