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VKz Tech-Academy

VKz Tech-Academy offers technical courses for Engineering Polytechnic/UG/PG students to improve technical knowledge for the betterment of emplyment.

       VKz Tech-Academy provide excellent Practical Knowledge as per the requirement of the area of interest in Electronics/Electrical/Electronics & Telecommunication/Mechanical/Computer Engineering.

About VKz Tech-Academy: 


       VKz Tech-Academy managed by Research & Development Department of  Anita's MicroSystems INDIA. All technical supprts provided by Research and Development Department of Anita's MicroSystems INDIA with the help of excellent Software and Hardware Skilled Engineers.

           VKz Tech-Academy provides live experience environment of ongoing projects run by Anita's MicroSystems INDIA. Also Provide Industrial Environmental friendly Relations.

              VKz Tech-Academy arranges online/onsite seminars for further knowledge improvement. 

One Month Regular Course


1) Electronics Hardware Design


2) Microcontroller 8051/PIC(10/12/16/18)/ARM(7/9/11/Cortex) Programming

3) PCB Designing

4) Robotics(Wired/Wireless) Design


5) Circuit Simulation


Special 3 Month Course


1)Advanced Embedded Systems Design

2)Wireless Sensor Network Management


3)Data Encryption and Transmission


NOTE: Kindly contact to respective department for further assistant 

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